Encino - Tarzana Community Plan

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Adrineh Melkonian (818) 374-9900

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Dominick Ortiz (818) 374-5061

Valentina Knox-Jones (818) 374-9904

Tracy D. Williams (818) 374-9910
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Valley Public Counter: (818) 374-5050

Community Plan Boundary Map


The Encino - Tarzana Community Plan currently in effect was adopted in 1997. A community plan update process is actively underway; please see above for link and information on current status and how to get involved.

The Community Plan area includes the neighborhoods of Encino and Tarzana.

  • Community Plan Document

Adopted Maps

These maps represent official documents that were approved by the City Council. These commonly show land and development rules and regulations by graphic representation.

  • General Plan Land Use
  • General Plan Land Use Footnotes​​
  • Circulation

Interactive Maps

These maps have multiple layers that can be selected to show resources, landmarks, government faculties and services, and other information that is pulled from multiple sources.

  • Interactive Maps

Informational Maps

These maps are for informational purposes only.

  • Economic Development Areas
  • Commercial and Industrial Zones
  • Generalized General Plan Land Use
  • Specific Plan Areas
  • Generalized Zoning
  • Encino (Streetscape Plan)
  • Mulholland Scenic Parkway (Specific Plan)
  • Tarzana (Streetscape Plan)
  • Ventura/Cahuenga Blvd (Specific Plan)
  • Population Data