Central City North Community Plan

Staff Contact: Plan Policies

Tal Harari (213) 978-1204

Staff Contact: Project Review
Michael Sin (213) 978-1345
General Information:

Metro Public Counter: (213) 482-7077

Community Plan Boundary Map


The Central City North Community Plan currently in effect was adopted in 2000. A community plan update process is actively underway; please see above for link and information on current status and how to get involved.

The Community Plan area includes the neighborhoods of Arts District, Chinatown, Little Tokyo, and Victor Heights, among others.

  • Community Plan Document

Adopted Maps

These maps represent official documents that were approved by the City Council. These commonly show land and development rules and regulations by graphic representation.

  • General Plan Land Use
  • General Plan Land Use Footnotes​​
  • Circulation

Interactive Maps

These maps have multiple layers that can be selected to show resources, landmarks, government faculties and services, and other information that is pulled from multiple sources.

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Informational Maps

These maps are for informational purposes only.

  • Economic Development Areas
  • Commercial and Industrial Zones
  • Generalized General Plan Land Use
  • Specific Plan Areas
  • Generalized Zoning
  • Alameda District (Specific Plan)
  • Cornfield Arroyo Seco (Specific Plan)
  • Population Data