Los Angeles City Planning Department


How the City will look in the future


How people will interact with their built environment


The defining characteristics of the City


The future form and shape of development projects

department of city planning


The Los Angeles Depertment of City Planning reviews project applications, processing entitlements and approvals to ensure that future decisions about development are aligned with the City’s land use policies and proposed ordinances. The Department is also responsible for administering the Zoning Code, promoting urban design principles, and managing the City’s historic resources. From overseeing the long-range planning efforts to managing the environmental review of projects, the Department’s work has a lasting impact on the City.

Staff Profile

The Department’s nearly 400 employees work together to develop and implement land use policies that will inform future development considerations citywide.

Core Objective

The Department is responsible for long-range planning in Los Angeles. It works with local communities to enhance and preserve the built environment for future generations

Guiding Principles

By building consensus and setting a clear citywide vision, the Department balances the diverse needs of the City of Los Angeles’s communities.


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